I can do it myself Mummy!

I can do it myself Mummy!

"I can do it myself."
"I don't need your help."
"Don't come into my room, I'm playing!" 

Sound familiar? 

Welcome to three-nagers. Our little Roman is a few weeks off turning three and is a lovely, strong, confident little boy. His language skills are amazing and as such you can quite easily have a full conversation with him, often forgetting he's so little. 

A few weeks ago I started to plan his birthday and asked him what he'd like for a present. This lead to him charging through our stock and then asking for a device to view "His website" (Cheeky!) from to fill his shopping basket. So we did just that and he quite clearly explained why he wanted each item and what he would use it for. Great - Job done! 

This got me thinking about all of the times recently when he seems to need mummy less and less, which in a way is quite sad but really signifies amazing independence and confidence. Roman's schedule is absolutely packed from sports classes to social toddler meets and cinema dates - He genuinely goes out more than most adults I know! 

I started to have more free time and now spend less time 'Setting up' activities for him as he often choses what he wants, where and when rather than an adult led play session. I started to think about how I could pave way for more self sufficiency skills and what I could do to support him. 

For me, this means ensuring he has open ended toys to use his imagination and fill his time. I also set up a toy cupboard (Mummy/Daddy access only) as a way to rotate the toys so he doesn't get fed up with them. So far this has proved to be useful and keeps the excitement level almost (Just almost) of that of a new toy when something comes out of the toy cupboard that he's forgotten about! 

With Roman's birthday coming up, we bought what he asked for from the website (Gift wrapped of course!) and also used our discount code...Yes we still pay full retail price for personal purchases - Ha!

You can view all of our ever changing coupons and voucher codes for your purchases here: https://www.wethrift.com/little-roman-interiors You can also subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage to keep up to date with new products, discounts and announcements (There are plenty coming!!) As always if you need any help with a suggestion for a birthday or have a suggestion for us, just drop us an email and we'll take a look! 


Alisha x