Planning your nursery…

Planning your nursery…

Firstly...Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Now let's talk nursery, although they won't be in there for the first few months, it's often one of the most exciting elements of your bump becoming a reality in your lives. 

Planning the layout, lighting and safety

Children’s rooms double up as play and sleep zones. While your main concern is space for clothes and toys, your child wants room for adventure! Even if the area is small or shaped awkwardly, if you plan the layout with care you can create a room that not only feels more spacious, but is also easier to keep tidy.

Furniture and flooring get rough treatment from young children’s games, so bear in mind wear and tear and choose items that are sturdy and built well. The more floor space you leave, the more likely it is that your child will set up games in the bedroom, rather than commandeering the kitchen or living room floor (Eeek!) 

Get the room layout right

Start by placing the essentials and then you can add in additional details that make the room feel comfortable as well as practical. Bear in mind that the more floor area you see, the larger the room will appear, so it’s worth looking for space-making extras such as wall-hung shelves.

Planning the Lighting

Start off with planning the ‘Zones’ consider what the space needs to be used for. I would plan a space for feeding, changing, sleep, quiet and calm activities and play. For feeding, you will need a small light that is easy to access and dim, perhaps a table lamp or touch button wall light. I would also recommend putting a changing area near to this so you can benefit from sharing the light without ruining those dream feeds. During the daytime use the natural light as much as you can but ensure you have a good overhead light – this is often the best place to put in a stunning feature. Calm lighting all depends on which way your room faces as well as the window covering you use. For us, we use blackout curtains as our little one’s room is south facing, so story time and calm before bedtime activities require no artificial lighting. If your room is darker, opt for either a dimmer switch on your main light or again, a wall light near this area.

Safety Considerations

So here we go… As important as it is for your nursery or junior room to look and feel good, safety comes first. This means no plug covers (Sounds crazy right! But the NHS stooped recommending these in 2017 as they essentially make a plug live.) It also means ensuring you are buying furniture and toys from reputable suppliers like us who’s products are British standard kitemarked as well as CE and British lion marked for toys. Lots of handmade toys are missing these essential elements but not ours!

Another important issue is wall anchoring. You should ensure furniture such as the wardrobe, any drawers and units are anchored to the wall to ensure no tip risk. The same goes for blind cords which should now come with standard wall anchors. Toy boxes with lids can be a huge finger trap so do ensure these have spring loaded hinges too!