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Little Roman Interiors

Children's Wellbeing Box

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Our new gifting box comes complete and ready wrapped. This can be sent to you or straight to the recipient. Shipping is also included in the cost of the box, please use code GIFTFREE at checkout. 

The box contains:

1 set of LSW Mind Cards: Kids Edition: LSW Mind Cards: Kids' Edition make it fun and easy for you to introduce the power of mindfulness, gratitude and affirmations, and help your child to keep calm, understand their feelings and focus on the present. Each day select a card at random and take the action stated on the card. LSW Mind Cards will help them to become more mindful of their thoughts and feelings, giving them the tools needed to become more grounded, patient and resilient. The actions on the cards will encourage them to practise compassion, empathy and self-love.

Selenite Palm stone: Selenite is known as the calm stone, this palm sized smooth stone is popular in yoga, meditation and reiki. Selenite is associated most often with clearing negative energy and purifying emotions – bring on the POSITIVE VIBES!!

A brave button: Great for a hidden pocket boost. Maybe they are going somewhere unfamiliar or spending time away from you which makes them uneasy? Pop the brave button somewhere in a pocket or bag, have a little chat about it and they can go and give it a squeeze whenever they need a little reassurance.

Sleep Tight Spritz: Our own handmade sleep spray, 100% pure essential oil base with natural which hazel and distilled water. Safe as long as a grown up keeps it out of reach, this can be used on children’s bedding, pyjamas or a favourite toy for a comforting smell to help them drift off into a happy slumber.

A Guatemalan worry person: An old story tells that when the Mayan People of Guatemala had worries, they would them to the worry people. At night they would place the worry people under their pillows and when they awoke, the worry people had taken their worries away. This handmade product has been made by the Maya People who live in the highlands of Guatemala. Each bag will contain between 6-7 mini worry dolls. Each bag is approximately 7cm in length, and 5cm in width. The worry dolls are very tiny at approximately 2.4cm in length and 1.2cm in width at the widest point.